Lasik procedures and presbyopia after age 40

I am considering the Lasik procedure. I am nearsighted and have been told I have an astigmatism also. Someone told me they had the procedure done and they lost the ability to focus in close because they had both eyes done (we are both over 40). As of now I do not need bifocals (hooray). I have been doing "pencil pushups" since I have been wearing glasses, approx. 25yrs. Will that help me avoid reading glasses in the near future after the procedure?

The loss of ability to focus up close (arms length distance) was not due to the surgery. That is a condition called presybopia and it happens to everyone, whether they wear glasses, contacts, or not as we hit the age of 40 or more. So, yes if someone has surgery and then in their forties notice they need "cheaters" for up close that is normal. If they elect not to have surgery, then they will notice that they will move into a bifocal. Now by having monovision, you can get by without having to use the cheater glasses. Monovision isn't for everyone, you should try it with contact lenses, first, before considering this procedure, surgically.

Your "pencil pushups" is working for you now; but as time goes on, this will not be a feasible activity for you and you will see that a bifocal is inevitable! For you refractive surgery will be a lifestyle choice, if wearing cheaters 20% of your day is fine for you, then refractive surgery may be a solution for you.

Nearsightedness and astigmatisms can be treated with Lasik. This, of course, depends on your amount of correction needed. The best way to determine candidacy is to set up a consultation with our Refractive Coordinator.

One final note about the reading glasses, they are coming, it may not be in your forties, it may be in your fifties; but it will come.

Please feel free to contact our Refractive Coordinator at 927.2020 with any additional questions or to set up a complimentary consultation.