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From Managing Editor George Sells....

A suburban Washington D.C. federal court has just sentenced former New Orleans Congressman William Jefferson to 13 years in prison. That's only half what prosecutors wanted but Jefferson is 62-years-old.

We've got a doozy for you on the eve of the vote on Mayor Kip Holden's near billion dollar bond proposal. An off-duty officer allegedly tore down a sign promoting the mayor's plan at a popular downtown night spot. A police report shows the owner came forward, fists were thrown and a gun came out. We'll have the story.

WAFB's Caroline Moses has a one-on-one interview with the son of John Allen Muhammed, the D.C. Sniper and Baton Rougean who was executed this week.

Cheryl Mercedes looks at that hit and run incident on North Street near Baton Rouge General last night. A little boy is in critical condition. But the mechanics of the accident are far more contorted that police originally thought.

Donna Britt has a story WAFB viewers will enjoy. A look back at the old days of Channel 9 News. We have old tape back to 1966 when one of our people was "The Esso Reporter" and when Paul Gates had all that hair.

And Jay Grymes has a pretty good weekend forecast.