Dene' Colomb

Trineisha Dene' Colomb was reported missing by her family on November 22, 2002. Two days later her body was found by a hunter in a field off a remote road in Scott, LA near Lafayette. However, it would be another month before DNA would confirm investigators worst fears. - That the serial killer was now mobile and not just targeting women in the Baton Rouge area.

Twenty-three year old Colomb, of Lafayette, is the only known victim of the serial killer outside the Baton Rouge area. Initially, investigators ruled out the possibility that Colomb's murder was serial killer related due to the fact that she was African American and the other confirmed victims were all white. However, every other aspect of her life fit the profile of the serial killer's victims.

Investigators theorize Dene' had just finished visiting her mother's grave and sat alone in her car for a moment to reflect on the visit when the serial killer found her. They then say the serial killer beat her to death in a nearby field and then drug her body to another field.