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From Managing Editor George Sells...

A killing spree on the grounds of America's biggest military base has left at least 12 people dead and 31 wounded. Some of the people involved were in military fatigues. It's at Fort Hood, Texas between San Antonio and Dallas. There are numerous Louisiana soldiers stationed there but so far we've found no indication any were involved. WAFB's Keitha Nelson is staying on top of that angle.

Louisiana State Police have been called into a Geismar case in which $2,000 was stolen from the wallet of a driver killed in an accident. Caroline Moses will report from Geismar on a story that involved two officers.

Cox Cable is raising its rates. Cox says it's the price it needs to increase Internet speeds and add more TV channels.

WAFB News broke the story that H1N1 vaccine is now available here for pregnant women. But there may be some questions about whether they want it or their doctors want them to have it.

The New York stock market is making up for all those losses in the past week, ending up 204 points today.

And another drop dead beautiful weather forecast.