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From Managing Editor George Sells....

It's pretty unusual in the middle of a recession but the Teamsters Union has walked out on Rhodia Chemical near the old Mississippi River Bridge. The Teamsters make up more than half the work force. Rhodia says it can keep operating safely with management and other non-union employees.

He stood strong when the controversy first came out. But now Justice of the Peace Keith Bardwell says he's resigning. Bardwell publicly declared he would not marry interracial couples in his home district near Robert, Louisiana.

"We WILL get beat if we don't fix 'em." That's the word from Saints Quarterback Drew Brees who says some repeated bad mistakes are going to come back and bite them.

Will another state join the trend of allowing same-sex marriages? The CBS Evening News will report tonight on voters in Maine who are deciding that issue.

And the CDC says it's widening its definition of people most at risk from swine flu. The health group says 30 percent of people with H1N1 have been sent into intensive car.