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BATON ROUGE, LA (WAFB) - For people who are seeing changes in their faces from age, like deep sagging of their cheeks, there is now an FDA-approved solution.

Rachel looks great, but over the last couple of years, she says she's begun to see small changes in her face.

I have a crease," she said. "It's not a smile line, but another line further into your face."

It's those kinds of subtle signs of aging Sculptra was approved to fix. Dr. Jon Perenack pinpointed some areas he felt Sculptra would be effective in treating.

"If you look at this area in front of the cheek, it looks a little bit flat," he said to Rachel. "If we raise that volume just a little bit higher, it looks better, more robust. That little depression in that spot looks a little better if it's a little fuller, not too much, just a little bit."

With age, the skin begins to lose collagen. Rachel's young, so the changes are subtle. As people get older, time begins to take a more obvious toll. It's most obvious in the face as the skin loosens and sags. That can lead to lines, wrinkles and an older, hollowed out appearance. That's where Sculptra comes in.

"It's like adding air to a balloon. If you draw air out of a balloon, the balloon looks saggy. Add some air back to the balloon and it looks nice and tight and firm. It's going to add volume and basically puff out those wrinkles," Perenack said.

Some people call Sculptra a liquid face lift. It works by triggering a reaction that causes the skin to produce new collagen. Before and after pictures show the results some patients have gotten over several months with Sculptra treatment. Unlike traditional surgical face lifts, there's little to no downtime. That's because there's no bruising and swelling is minimal.

On average, it takes about three Sculptra sessions to get the desire effect, depending on how much you do.

Two weeks after Rachel received her treatment, fullness in areas of the face that had begun to look slightly sunken in can be seen with a careful look. In time, as collagen continues to build in response to Sculptra, she'll get even more improvement.

Sculptra can cost anywhere from $1,000 and up, but for something that lasts two years or longer, it may be worth it. The best part is the FDA says Sculptra is safe.

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