From Managing Editor George Sells...

You may have seen them in Houston and some other major cities. Now we're going to see them in Baton Rouge. They're red and green signal lights that control the flow of interstate traffic at the on-ramps. Red, you can't enter the highway. Green, it's your turn.

Ever seen inside a sewer line connection? The city-parish has a fancy scope that found a real surprise for one one homeowner and for the city. Now the question: Who pays for the surprise?

By the time a man reaches the age of 50, he's usually out of the street crime businesses. But we've got one for you tonight who is charged with a frustrating crime valued at $90,000.

If you follow sports at all, you know about the national attention focused on something the Central High School Football team did last week. Even if you don't like sports, you've got to see this one.

And from CBS News at 5:30, seven more Americans were killed today in Afghanistan. CBS will talk with an American diplomat who has quite his career because he no longer sees the point of the war.