Southern issues apology to fans

To our fans:

Southern University thanks the tens of thousands of fans who came out Saturday to make our Homecoming festivities and game a spectacular success.

More importantly, though, we want to apologize to the fans that were unable to attend the game because of the enormous traffic problems entering campus and the staggering parking situation on the campus.

Without question, we wanted everyone to be a part of the game, tailgating and the whole homecoming experience. Unfortunately, the sellout crowd of 24,500 people attending the game coupled with the thousands who chose only to tailgate overwhelmed our streets and available parking.

Traffic was so great on the three entrances into the campus, and along Harding Boulevard to the I-110 Exit, that the safety of our fans, students, staff and city commuters were on the verge of being compromised. Also, because of the heavy rains over the past three weeks, we had to limit parking in grassy areas which compounded the situation.

A decision was made to stop cars from entering campus for a period Saturday, a move that prevented some of our fans from getting to the paid parking areas and to the game. It is a decision that we never wanted to make.

For those fans that were stopped, you have our most sincere apology. We understand how much attending our games, and especially Homecoming, means to you.

While we can not recreate the special atmosphere of Homecoming, we do want to make an offer to those persons with their parking pass and game ticket. Southern University will refund the cost of parking for Saturday's game and offer selected tickets to the Bayou Classic football game against Grambling State University.

To take advantage of the offer, you will need to come to the SU Ticket Office at 7722 Scenic Highway, (or mail: Baton Rouge., LA 70807) between the hours of 9 a.m. and 3 p.m., Monday through Friday, or call 225-359-9328 or 225-359-9372.

We promise that we will work diligently over the next year to lessen the chance of this situation happening again. You have our word on that.


Greg LaFleur
Director of Athletics
Southern University and A&M College