Viewpoint: October 7, 2009

We all know the dangers of drinking and driving. Now, several recent studies warn there's another driving distraction that's just as dangerous...cell phones. The studies found that while teens drove the worst when distracted, adults didn't fare much better. And, talking with a handsfree device is dangerous, too, but texting while driving causes the most distraction.

Just recently, state police tell us "distracted driving" played a part in a crash that killed a child and three others. Troopers say the 30-year-old driver of one truck told them he was fiddling with his cell phone and never nocticed traffic had stopped in front of him.

There are state and federal efforts underway to limit cell phone use while driving and increase the penalties if your're caught doing just that. In a new insurance study, eight out of 10 people support some type of regulation.

So, let's send the right message. There is a time and place for that text or call. Your safety and that of others is more important than any call you can make or message you could ever send.