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Viewpoint: September 16, 2009

As we celebrated the Labor Day holiday, the Baton Rouge Area Chamber shared its labor-related good news. Over the past year, the Baton Rouge area gained 700 jobs. Our percentage of increase gave us a ranking of 11th in the nation. The greatest rise in job opportunities was in the goods-producing sector, a good sign for our growing Baton Rouge economy.

Over the past three years, WAFB has hosted a number of job and career fairs. Every one of these events has been well attended by employers, schools and training centers, and most importantly, by thousands of people interested in new and better career opportunities. Even when our unemployment rate is at its lowest, we have a population that is anxious to better their lives through a new career.

If you are interested in new career opportunities or job training or if you are a business looking to hire qualified jobseekers, click here to find out more about the WAFB job fair. Hope to see you there.
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