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Viewpoint: September 9, 2009

With growing concerns about this flu season, please remember to do the things that seem so simple. Wash your hands often, cough in your sleeve and we also ask that you arm yourself. Arm yourself with information that can help stop flu in its tracks. We know the threat is real.

Just this week, a Denham Springs family will bury their 19-year-old. According to her family, Taylor Brian passed away of pneumonia associated with swine flu. She was a senior at Denham Springs High School.

Experts tell us those under the age of 24 are most at risk. And, they say for some reason girls are more likely to get the flu than boys. The government estimates one out of every three children who have died from H1N1 were otherwise healthy at first. It appears they got the flu and then caught a bacterial infection that proved to be a deadly combination.

So, while we're used to watching over our elderly during flu season, we also neeed to pay special attention to our children. If you have questions, click here.

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