Local company offers crime scene clean-up

By Cheryl Mercedes - bio | email

BATON ROUGE, LA (WAFB) - When a crime takes place, oftentimes officers or companies from out-of-town take on the task of cleaning up everything. But now, officers have an option. A former Baton Rouge police officer started a company to take care of things at no cost to the homeowner.

The Blood Clean Services crew prepare to clean a garage bathroom that is the scene of rodent infestation. It's a drill used in training. But workers say it's just like the real thing. "I have to disassociate myself from what's going on," said Rhonda Smith.

First, a couple of the crew members do a quick survey of the scene. Then, they come back to the staging area to put on their suits. Once they are covered head to toe with protective gear, it's time to get to work. "It's dirty, icky and gross, and you're there to clean it up," said Smith.

It may be hard to believe. But law enforcement officers used to do it all themselves after clearing a crime scene. Zachary Police Chief John Herty remembers, "Depending on the method of crime or suicide it can be very, very messy."

It can also be very hazardous. "The longer it sits, the better your chances of contracting something because the pathogens become airborne," said crew member Jason Catoire. Sometimes getting rid of it all means removing portions of floors, walls, carpet, and other things before properly disposing the tainted materials.

It's a job, and many local law enforcement agencies are happy these guys are here to do it. "For the family not to see what took place means a lot to us and them," said Herty.

The cost of these services is usually $135.00 an hour per team member. Some scenes can take up to three days to clean. Blood Clean Services says most insurance companies pick up the tab.

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