State Treasurer John Kennedy Enters Race For Governor

State Treasurer John Kennedy made it "official." on the "Pat Simon Radio Show" this morning on WIBR, Kennedy formally announced that he is running for governor. Kennedy says he would fight to expand early childhood programs and smaller public school classrooms, increase teacher pay, and push giving parents more choice in deciding what school you want your child to attend.

Kennedy, a Democrat, served as special counsel to Governor Buddy Roemer from 1988-1992. He was elected Louisiana State Treasurer on October 23, 1999, defeating the incumbent Ken Duncan with 56 percent of the vote.

Kennedy also says he would make big cuts in the transportation department to get more road projects done. He says the state could trim almost 100-million dollars per year from D.O.T.D. administrative cuts.

Other issues Kennedy says he would like to address include: Proposing legislation requiring every lawmaker to spend a day in a public school classroom every year as a substitute teacher; expanding the public school alternative charter schools in Louisiana; working with venture capital firms to provide more money for small businesses and also working closer with Louisiana's congressional delegation in Washington to bring in more money to save Louisiana's coast from coastal erosion.

Qualifying for the governor's race begins August 19th.