Guns 113

Who stole more than 2 dozen guns - including expensive handguns - and possibly automatic weapons - from a Baton Rouge firearms dealer? While Baton Rouge Police investigate, state police and the bureau of alcohol, tobacco and firearms are looking into the shop itself. They want to know if red jacket firearms is operating with the proper permits to have automatic weapons. State police say they didn't know they were there. The answer to the permitting question may come as soon as tomorrow.

[take pkg outcue: {std} duration:0:58] {***sot-pkg***} [cg at 0:00:locator\missing banner] [cg at 0:00:locator\9378 s. Choctaw] [cg :name - title\will hayden \store owner] [cg at 0:57:bob waters reporting\ \ ] [take sot incue: any fool can outcue: clean very clean at: 3:03:24 duration:0:05]

"Any fool can steal a car and drive through the front door. This was clean, very clean." - Will Hayden's talking about the weekend burglary of his firearms store on South Choctaw. He says thieves disabled the alarm system then took their time as they bagged more than 2 dozen handguns, rifles, and accessories.

"To me it looked like they were moving along nice and calm and then all of a sudden, ok let's go now, just cut and go with what we got," said Hayden.

Hayden says the bandits cost him some ten thousand dollars. He says that would take him several months to make up - especially since the shop is still new - it opened in october.

[take sot name: hayden incue: it'll take a outcue: there you go at: 2:59:42 duration:0:09] {***sot***} "it'll take a few more months to get it back to where it was. But we're still here, still doing business. Hell of a speedbump but there you go."