July 24, 2009 - "Dinosaur Spectacular"

It's been 65-million years since they roamed the earth. They're back! And they're coming to Baton Rouge. WALKING WITH DINOSAURS: The Arena Spectacular brings the giant creatures to life, including a brachiosaurus 36 feet tall and 56 feet long.

Dr. Judith Schiebout, Associate Curator of the LSU Museum of Natural Science told a press preview audience, "There's things that bones can't tell us and that rocks can't tell us, so they're bringing these things to life, I think, with a great deal of art and engineering and science."

WALKING WITH DINOSAURS will be at the Baton Rouge River Center for six performances beginning October 2. Performance coordinator Matthew Rimmer says the dinosaur spectacular will fill the entire arena. "There's not a bad seat in the house," he added. "Everywhere you sit you will either be at eye level or right with the dinosaurs. It's truly incredible."

They snarl, and they roar, and they look live, but they're just huge puppets--with lots of high-tech machinery inside. But not the seven-foot baby T-Rex who thrilled the kids who attended the preview. That was a performer in a dinosaur suit. Even Mayor Kip Holden had a close encounter with T-Rex, posing for pictures with the posing--and imposing--beast. "Well, put it this way," said His Honor, "I'm glad I have some hair left because otherwise it would have scared all the hair off my head."

"Would you rather deal with T-Rex or with Paul Gates?" I ask.

"Well, you know, Paul already has a hair problem, so we won't talk about that. I like to deal with T-Rex, you know. If Paul knocks at your door, you want to avoid him, but T-Rex has teeth!"

Seventeen dinosaurs will fill the River Center arena this October.


is based on the popular TV series of the same name. Tickets for the

Arena Spectacular

went on sale today, and the River Center says they'll probably sell out fast. Baton Rouge is the only city in Louisiana where you can see the show.