By Jim Shannon - bio | email

(Baton Rouge, LA)

Brandywine Condominium's has been in the news with its entergy problems. Namely the lack of payment by the association.

Since then most of the 264 units have been abandoned. Three of its buildings have been burned to the ground. But there are still 43 people still living there. Entergy claims they need 25 thousand dollars to keep the power flowing. The holdouts say they reached a deal with entergy in the early morning hours today to avert a disconnection. The holdouts say they only owe about half the amount entergy wants but they think they can hold out a few more days.

Dennis Briscoe a holdout resident says "The power company has agreed to extend that time until friday this friday and some payments were gonna make friday and I think we can handle that." Briscoe adds, "We couldn't handle what was due today."

The holdouts are also trying to re-form the condominium association and install and new president. The facility has no operating office or maintenance staff currently.

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