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Contractor questioned about incomplete work

Darrell Cager, Jr. Darrell Cager, Jr.
Backyard of Ringo home Backyard of Ringo home
Inside the Butler home Inside the Butler home

By Paul Gates

BATON ROUGE, LA (WAFB) - Two local homeowners say they've been taken for a ride by a local contractor because they say they paid the man for the job he was doing, but then, they say he disappeared without finishing the work.

Homeowner Ronnie Ringo complains that he signed a contract back on December 10th with Darrell Cager, Jr. for work to be done on his home, but Ringo says from the beginning things didn't go well and now almost six months later, his backyard is still filled with house debris. "He would have employees come out and sit without work to do because there were no supplies, no material," Ringo said. "It took him over five weeks to put the roof on the house."

Ringo says he was making payments to Cager and spent quite a bit of money trying to get the work done. He says he is out over $20,000. He says by March the work had stopped and Cager wasn't around. "About four to five weeks ago he called said he was coming within three days. I haven't spoken with him since. He hasn't called. He hasn't shown up." Ringo wants his money back so he can get his property repaired.

A news crew found contractor Darrell Cager, Jr. at his home and questioned him about what he does. He wouldn't answer any questions.

This is not the first complaint the news station has heard against Cager. Back in December, a reporter spoke with Jerome and Charetta Butler about problems they had with him. He stopped showing up with the supplies," Charetta Butler said. "His workers would show up at eight in the morning, sit here until two or three o'clock to wait on him. We would call, they would call, no answer."

Cager would also not any questions related to the Butlers. With that, he got into his truck and said it was time for the crew to leave the premises, which it did.

It has been learned that Cager did not have proper licensing with the state contractors board or the city-parish. He said he completed the work he was contracted for with the Butlers, but they say that to this day, he has not finished the job. They say they paid Cager for his work and had to hire a new contractor to get the house fixed.

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