Pecan Crusted Red Snapper from Frank's


10oz Red Snapper
2 Cups Buttermilk
1 Cup Flour
Salt & Pepper to taste
1 Cup Pecot Bread Crumbs
Tble Chopped Pecans


  • Dip Snapper in buttermilk and then into flour.
  • Add salt and pepper.
  • Add pecans to bread crumbs.
  • Dip again in buttermilk and then into pecot breadcrumbs.
  • Put snapper in hot buttered pan or grill.
  • Turn snapper 3-5 minutes or until golden brown.

Bourbon Sauce:

1/2 oz Rum
Tble Butter
1/4 cup of Demi Glaze

PROCEDURE: Mix rum, butter and glaze together.  Whip on medium heat until thick.  Pour over Red Snapper.