What’s a tell-tale sign you've got a "world class" electrical troubleshooter in your home?

If you can't answer this question, you've never had a Mister Sparky® Electrical Service Electrician at your house figuring out why your lights keep flickering ... or what's wrong with that outlet that's never worked. Not only are our Service Electricians "world class" professionals when it comes to solving even the most mysterious electrical challenges ... they're as neat and clean-cut as they come. And it starts with their "signature" starched white shirts. When you call Mister Sparky®, the Electrical Service Electrician who shows up at your doorstep will be freshly shaven wearing a precision-creased pair of grey pants topped with a freshly starched white shirt. It's part of Mister Sparky's, "Starched White Shirt Standard". If you don't meet the standard, you don't work for Mister Sparky®. Compare our Electrical Service Technicians with any other electrician you've ever used:
  • Ours wear "floor savers" over their polished black shoes so they don't track dirt and dried leaves into your home.
  • Ours don't smoke in your house or anywhere else on your property ... no "butts" about it.
  • Ours won't park in your driveway or anywhere on your property without first asking your permission. A man's and woman's home is his/her castle and we treat it that way.
  • Ours clean up after themselves leaving your home as clean -- or cleaner -- than they found it.
  • All our electricians must pass a comprehensive background check and drug test, as well as extensive electrical troubleshooting training. Three out of four who apply never qualify.
Why settle for less?