Are you a DIY hostage in your own home?

Now's the time to declare your freedom from those half-done handyman projects that have been holding you hostage. Call Mister Sparky® . We want to be your power-ful hero!

Here's a sample of what we do to relieve the frustration of partially done projects. Mister Sparky® hangs and adjusts ceiling fans. Even those currently dangling from the ceiling half-hung ... and those wiggling and wobbling for no apparent reason. We are world famous Ceiling Fan Specialists.

Mister Sparky® installs chandeliers, track lighting, and all other types of lighting fixtures inside and out ... including those that have been sitting in boxes for months because you (or your handyman) lack the right tools for installing them. We've got the parts, the tools, and the expertise. Mister Sparky® adds outlets where there were none before ... and knows how to locate the missing link between that "mystery switch" and whatever it switches. Mister Sparky® will not be intimidated by any electrical project you need to have completed.