Uniquely powerful insurance you can't afford to be without

It's a scary moment when in the middle of an ice or thunder storm, your lights start to flicker ... then suddenly go out. Pitch black. No lights anywhere. No hum of the refrigerator. No whoosh of warm or cool air circulating through the ductwork. No red-glowing reminder of the correct time. It's as though someone unplugged your entire house. Yep, your power is definitely out. And most likely it's the same story for all your neighbors.

What can you do about it? Usually, there's not much you can do except sit in the dark and wait for the power company to restore power (which can take days) ...Unless you have a Mister Sparky® Back-Up Generator. Next time there's a power outage, your house could be the one bright spot on the block. Mister Sparky® specializes in automatic and manual back-up generators, as well as generator transfer systems that keep your lights ablaze ... your appliances humming ... and your family comfy. Think of it as affordable "power insurance"