Do Security Systems Really Work?

A properly designed and installed security system, monitored by a local UL listed central station can be your first line of defense against the threat of intrusion and fire.

9 out of 10 people convicted of home burglary say they would avoid a home protected by a monitored security system. Police officers nation wide rate monitored security systems as a #1 deterrent against home break-ins. Security systems are effective!

Security and fire systems = Insurance Discounts?

Insurance companies offer premium discounts on homeowners insurance for residences protected by security and fire alarms. They know that a home with an alarm is less likely to be broken into. The formula is simple: fewer break-ins mean fewer costly claims.
Depending on the insurance provider and the type of system installed you can expect a premium discount of between 5% and 15%.

Choosing a security company

The security company you choose can be just as important as the equipment installed in your home or business. When choosing a security company to protect your home and family check the following.

  1. Are they licensed as an alarm installing company in Louisiana? (Any security industry employee should provide you with there Burglar Alarm Contractors License. Ask to see it before they enter your home.)
  2. Do they have membership in state and national associations signifying adoption of a code of ethics, installation standards, and employee training? (Make sure the company does complete background checks and drug testing on all there employees. Your security company will be trusted with very important information. No one wants someone in there home who has intimate knowledge of there security who is also trying to support a drug addiction.)
  3. How long have they been in business and do they have an established track record in the community? (Check the Better Business Bureau.)

Things to look out for:

Be careful of companies that subcontract the installation, do out of state monitoring, or local subcontracted monitoring.
Why choose one company to install your new security system just to have them let another company monitor it. Limiting how many people have access to your confidential information is an important part of your overall security. Choosing a local monitoring service performed by the company insures faster response and better relationships with local law enforcement.

Don't let a low price or special offer be a companies only appeal.
Price is important when making any buying decision and no one wants to spend more than they need to. But, when safety and security are concerned ask yourself a question. Would the failure of your security system have serious consequences? If the answer is yes, then consider not just price but also the quality and service you can expect.

If I set my security system off by accident will I be fined?
In East Baton Rouge parish we do have a local ordinance governing alarm systems. You are allowed five false alarms per year with out incurring any fines. After the fifth one you can be charged a fine of ten dollars. If the central monitoring station is doing there job right, and verifying all alarm signals, you should never have to pay a fine. At Custom Security Systems we use verification and a password to prevent the police from going out unnecessarily. In the event of an alarm one of our trained operators will call the home. If someone answers we will ask two questions. Is everything ok and what is your password? If we receive the password we know it is the homeowner or someone who has permission to be there and no further action is taken.

Will pets and animals cause problems with my security system?
One of the primary jobs of your security consultant is to factor in all aspects of your lifestyle when designing your alarm system. This includes our furry, four legged members of the family. Depending on the size and kind of animal involved he will make recommendations to insure your system works with them in mind. With new motion detectors designed to ignore cats and dogs your pets can still have the run of the house. There are some limitations, but most can be worked out provided, you have the right security expert on your side.