Viewpoint: April 18, 2009

We often hear that times have changed, that things just aren't like they used to be. While that might be the case for a lot of things, it's not the case for the sense of community in Ascension Parish. When a tornado ripped through St. Amant recently, leaving a path of destruction and two families homeless, the dust had barely settled before we saw neighbors and families coming together to help the victims.

They were there almost immediately to help with cleanup, to offer food, and in one case, a Channel 9 viewer was so touched by what he saw, he offered a stranger a place to live. From neighbors helping neighbors, from one businessman to another. I'll help anyway I can," a businessman said. "Anything they need and they're do the same for us."

The tornado that hit St. Amant in the last week of March offered proof that some things still are like they used to be.