Jindal agrees to book deal

BATON ROUGE, La. (AP) - Gov. Bobby Jindal said he has a book deal with a conservative publishing house, with a co author for "a lot of the heavy lifting."

The move is likely to re-fuel speculation about national ambitions, since many presidential hopefuls have published books.

Jindal said Friday that his book will mix autobiography, life lessons and policy thoughts.

Fund-raisers around the country have sparked speculation about Jindal's plans. He again said he only plans to run for re-election.

He says he would write the book whether or not he ever campaigns again.

Jindal says he does not yet have a contract, but has an agreement with Regnery Publishing for a book tentatively scheduled in 2010.

He says he doesn't expect to spend a lot of time on the book, to be co-authored by Peter Schweizer.

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