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George Sells, WAFB Managing Editor George Sells, WAFB Managing Editor
Matt Boudreaux, WAFB Sports Intern Matt Boudreaux, WAFB Sports Intern


     Here we go again.  There's a move in the legislature to impose a 200 percent increase on the state cigarette tax.    Which legislators see smoking as a safe target?   Our Capitol Correspondent Caroline Moses will tell you who's behind the assault on smokers.

     You've probably had the nervous feeling yourself.  Driving down the interstate behind a big truck carrying heavy metal pipe.  What if one of those things came loose? One of them did today.  We've got pictures of the windshield it hit and the close call for one driver.

     WAFB's Jim Shannon will give us some unusual insight into what was going on with the defense team for Dr. Anna Pou when she was being prosecuted by the Louisiana Attorney General.   Dr. Pou was cleared but she had reason today  to surrender some inside information.
   And what was the local sports hero Paul Dietzel doing at an out of the way art gallery and bistro this afternoon?   WAFB news was there as Paul Dietzel was doing some serious business.

   Plus, WAFB's Jacques Doucet and Sports Intern Matt Boudreaux are on their way to March Madness!   Matt is using TWITTER to keep sports fans posted on their journey.  And, starting tomorrow, be sure to read all about their trip and what they're seeing as Matt begins "Boudreaux's Blog" on WAFB.COM.   It's part of our really neat section on March Madness.   Check it out by clicking here!

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