LSU Pro Day: Big Fav Raps!

Hey Everybody - Time to get serious about this blog business, and what better way to start than with a not-so serious video of Marlon Favorite rapping!

I caught up with him at LSU pro day today, where he, and several other former Tigers were being picked at and scrutinized for every little thing - down to the length of their hands. Some joked it's like they are some test animal.

Most of the guys I talked to after todays work out told me they thought their stock had improved.. most credited feeling comfortable and at home in the LSU facility.  Kirston Pittman was incredibly impressive, running the 40 in 4.62 seconds, getting a reaction (a good one!) from the large crowd of NFL personnel on hand.

Among the crowd included Saints Head Coach Sean Payton, as well as GM Mickey Loomis. In an interview, Loomis discussed the need to fill the "gaping holes," and when I asked him to be more specific, he without hesitation mentioned the safeties. (PHEW!)  John Fox, head coach of the Carolina Panthers was there.. as was Bill Johnson, the new defensive line coach for the Saints.

Demetrius Byrd was his old self again, laughing and having a good time. Towards the end of the football season this year, I asked him what was the matter, I'd noticed he didn't seem to be having much fun anymore. Of course, he brushed me off then, but today, brought that moment back up. He discussed how his agent told him the biggest thing he needs to work on is his attitude, and to show off his funny yet charming character. He says that even though watching film shows he's talking back to coaches - he's not. He also acknowledged that the last few weeks have been incredibly important for him to show his consistency - knowing that the struggles at QB for LSU this season most likely hurt his stock.

Herman Johnson was "all business." That's how he put it. For starters, there was no more 'fro! (hurt his height measurement!) Instead, neatly braided cornrows. He's also thinned down, quite a bit (almost 40 lbs off his Senior Bowl weight!). He weighed in at 356 today.  He's been working out in Houston, and tells us that his big weight loss secret is to spread out your meals, drink lots of water, and avoid sweets.  Herman wasn't the only one sporting a new 'do ... Tyson Jackson still had his locks, but they were braided back ... he told me the best advice he's recieved about the entire draft process is to stay hungry. Good call.

Marlon Favorite was, well, the same big teddy bear we've all come to know and love. He went all out, and was full of energy (complete with grunting and yelling!). During his post game interview, we covered several topics - including his personality, and whether or not he lists his ability to rap on one of the many questionaires he's filled out. He said that he's been known to start rapping spur of the moment a few times here and there ... prompting me to ask him, on the spot, to give me a rap about today. He's good, but I warned him to look out, as the Big E (thats me, from W-A-F-B!)  has been known to throw a few lines together.

Charles Scott and Brandon LaFell were there - however, spent the day on the edges with the other Tiger players in attendance. I'm sure they're excited for next year, when it'll be their turn - but happy to still be around in that purple and gold.

I plan to update this blog as often as I can - so bookmark it, and keep checking back.