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  Law enforcement seeing spike in package theft during holiday season

According to authorities, package theft has seen a spike over the last weeks, partially because of the holiday season. Fortunately, one victim had a camera to capture video of the thief.

  ALERT: Police warn of phony Netflix emails that could steal your information

Romaine lettuce E. coli outbreak traced to California farm, CDC reports

Protecting gift packages

Toyota, Lexus vehicles recalled again due to possible Takata airbag explosions

Experts warn against latest phone scam to hit south Louisiana

Del Monte recalling Fiesta Corn due to under processing

Continued Coverage

87 more people sickened by salmonella linked with recalled beef

Live 5 Scambusters: Don’t give an empty gift card

Sex offenders find ways to ‘skirt’ Facebook’s ban

U by Kotex Tampons voluntarily recalled after reports of pieces getting stuck inside women’s bodies

Woman claims it’s within her rights as renter to not pay rent, and she may be right

Jimmy Dean sausage links recalled, ‘pieces of metal’ contamination

FDA recalls specific lots of 9Lives Protein Plus cat food due to low levels of thiamine

No illnesses have been reported.

Consumer Reports: How to avoid buying counterfeit products online

It might be tempting to grab that online deal for that Coach purse or even that Lego set but the danger is that the product you’re looking at could be counterfeit.

  CAUGHT ON CAMERA: Package thief in Ascension Parish

‘Tis the season for package thieves making out like bandits in Louisiana neighborhoods. One recent victim in Prairieville is fighting back.

Potentially deadly drug fentanyl being disguised as other pills, medical examiner warns

The Cuyahoga County Medical Examiner has issued a public health warning.

How to protect yourself from a credit card skimmer

Man falls victim to dating website scam with explicit photo

Is it safe to eat romaine lettuce again?

Attorney general, Better Business Bureau warn of holiday charity scams

Valsartan recall expanded to include all of one company’s products

BBB: Watch out for pop-up shops during holidays

  Zachary residents say school bus drivers are putting lives in danger

WAFB’s 9News Alert team is trying to help some residents who are concerned about several school bus drivers failing to stop at stop signs in Zachary. One man was involved in an accident with a bus.

You’ve been hacked: Now what do you do?

Know the steps to take if you get hacked or your personal information is compromised.

Bossier Parish officials warn of phishing texts scam

The Bossier Financial Crimes Task Force is warning residents about a new string of phishing texts reported in the area.

Baton Rouge Theater issues warning about phony, overpriced ticket scam plaguing ‘Nutcracker’ opening

Customers wishing to see The Nutcracker - A Tale from the Bayou at the Baton Rouge Ballet theater are urged to be on the lookout for ticket scalpers who may be selling tickets for double the face value.

Registration for free Ascension Parish alert system begins Tuesday

Ascension Parish Government, through the Office of Homeland Security and Emergency Preparedness, will begin using a new community alerting system to communicate with citizens and businesses during emergencies and other critical events.

What you can do to stay safe for Christmas

Christmas is around the corner and many are getting in the holiday spirit. However there could be some unwanted surprises by the tree. EMS gives us some tips on how to stay safe during the holidays.

U.S. Marshals warn people of scam calls

The scam is larger than the state or local level scam we usually hear about. The scam has elevated to the federal level. The people behind the scam claim to be U.S. Marshals or Deputy Marshals and they are demanding money.

Homeowner says enough is enough; she’s speaking up for neighborhood about electrical issues

A fire a few weeks ago on N 16th Street has prompted one Baton Rouge woman to say enough is enough and speak up for her neighborhood.

Marriott’s Starwood database hack potentially affects 500 million guests

An investigation determined on Nov. 19 that there had been unauthorized access of reservations made on or before Sept. 10. A security investigation further revealed that there has been unauthorized access into the Starwood database since 2014.

Third recall issued for dog food because of elevated vitamin D concerns

Elevated levels of vitamin D can cause “vomiting, loss of appetite, increased thirst, increased urination, excessive drooling and weight loss.”

Watch out for Facebook hoax

It is unclear on where the message is coming from or where it started it, but you are advised to ignore the message and delete it if you get one.

Officials issue warning about porch pirates during holiday season

The season for giving is almost upon us, but unfortunately, it’s also a time when potential thieves go on the prowl to make off with packages. Officials warn folks to get prepared now as porch pirates begin popping up.

Mother says family living in unsafe conditions

WAFB’s 9News Alert Team received a call from a mother who says roaches have run her family out of their apartment.

Better Business Bureau warns consumers about gift card scams

You might want to think twice about buying gift cards this Christmas. The Better Business Bureau of South Central Louisiana is warning consumers about a particular gift card scam going around after receiving calls about it.

Recall: Heat wraps could leak and cause skin injuries

Pfizer is voluntarily recalling some of its heat wraps because they could leak material that could cause skin injuries.

REPORT: Honda recalls Honda Odyssey minivans because power sliding doors may stick

Honda is recalling more than 100,000 2018 and 2019 Odyssey minivans because the power sliding doors may stick and not properly latch to the door strikers, according to reports.

Red Stick Moms Blog shares Cyber Monday deals for kids gifts

Red Stick Moms Blog shares Cyber Monday deals and tips for kids gifts.

Toxic slime, data-sharing devices top list of children’s toys consumers should avoid

Top concerns on this years list include six popular slime products, which contain “dangerously high” levels of boron, a non-metallic element used in detergents and rat poison, and two internet-connected children’s products which can potentially share private information about children.

Amazon error exposes customers’ names, emails

The online retailer said in a statement the names and email addresses of some customers were inadvertently disclosed.

Dangerous chemicals could be lurking in your furniture

The On Your Side Safety Team is investigating a hidden danger in your house. Ever bought new furniture and you swear you can smell something chemical? It's called furniture off-gassing.

Nationwide recall of Jennie-O raw turkey products expanded

The recall of raw turkey products from Jennie-O due to their association with an outbreak of salmonella has been expanded.

Many still paying last year’s holiday debt; here’s how to avoid being one

Believe it or not, many people are still paying off debt incurred last holiday season, and they are likely to add even more to it in the next month.

  Experts weigh in amid CDC warning over romaine lettuce

The Centers for Disease Control (CDC) sounded the alarm Tuesday afternoon for anyone with romaine lettuce to get rid of it right now.

Better Business Bureau shares Cyber Monday shopping safety tips

Santa isn’t the only one keeping track of who is naughty and who is nice! Better Business Bureau is warning consumers to beware of these common holiday scams.

Experts promote safety ahead of holiday meal preps

As millions of families across the country prepare to carve up a turkey for Thanksgiving, some local experts are passing along important tips to keep folks safe.

They’re watching you: How to protect yourself from hidden cameras, illegal surveillance

It’s no secret we’re constantly being watched with all of today’s technology, but now more than ever, we’re hearing stories of people being caught on camera in places they would never imagine.

Scratch your gift cards: Police warn of bar code scam ahead of holidays

When a shopper goes to purchase a gift card without realizing a change has been made, the bar code scanned will send the buyer’s money directly to a card belonging to the crooks.

What is and isn’t OK to feed your pets during your Thanksgiving feast

There are some things you should never feed your pets, like chocolate, for example. It can be toxic. But some of your favorite Thanksgiving dishes could also have dangerous side effects.

Quaker recalls popular children’s cereal for possible Salmonella contamination

According to the Food and Drug Administration, a small quantity of Cap’n Crunch’s Peanut Butter Crunch cereal could contain Salmonella.

Realtors, consumer advocates warn of closing funds scam

Consumer advocates raise warnings over an email and wiring fraud scheme

David’s Bridal filing for bankruptcy

The bankruptcy is part of a deal David’s Bridal has reached with its lenders that will reduce its debt by more than $400 million.

Car seats and winter coats: a dangerous combination

According to Consumer Reports, winter coats can cause the harness of the car seat to be too loose, thus rendering it ineffective in a car crash.

Study: One energy drink can harm our blood vessels

Caffeine packed energy drinks are popular. You've heard the health risks about drinking them before, but you may want to pay attention to a new study.

Scammers are now impersonating utility workers and coming right to your door

Officials say scams ramp up during the holiday seasons.

FTC warns consumers about paying scammers with gift cards

With the holidays quickly approaching, the Federal Trade Commission (FTC) is warning consumers about scammers stealing money via gift cards.

10 ‘worst toys’ named by toy safety group

From stuffed unicorns to purple tou-tou-wearing Cabbage Patch Dolls or Nerf ring launchers, gifts that you think may be great under the tree this year may actually pose a potential risk for children, the group said.

BBB warns of holiday charity scams

According to the Better Business Bureau, minorities and younger people are more vulnerable to holiday charity scams.

Frozen asparagus recalled over listeria concerns

Listeria can sometimes cause fatal infections in young children, frail or elderly people and others with weakened immune systems.

Open enrollment for healthcare a breeding ground for scammers

It’s open enrollment for healthcare plans and that means it’s open season for scammers. From Robocalls to spoofing , scammers are using every trick to get to you to buy in. We’re on your side on how you can avoid becoming a victim.

Be aware: Postcard scam popping up in time for the holidays

It started out as a routine trip to the mailbox for Ross Jacobs, but ended in an activism on behalf of himself and his neighbors.

Why you should avoid the Secret Sister Gift Exchange on social media

The Secret Sister Gift Exchange is a popular scheme making its way around social media, but the Better Business Bureau warns to steer clear of this "illegal scam."

Walker family faces eviction after loan modification scam

A family in Walker is living in a nightmare. They say they’re the victims of a loan modification scam, and come Monday they may be forcibly removed from their home.

Central residents say drainage, ditches worse than ever after repairs

Problems with ditches and drainage in Central has often been a topic of discussion for the city’s residents, but a solution to fix some of the ongoing issues may have created a new problem.

Dry dog food recalled over possible vitamin D toxicity

Dogs with elevated levels of vitamin D may exhibit symptoms such as vomiting, loss of appetite, increased thirst, increased urination, excessive drooling and weight loss.

BBB alerts consumers about door to door solicitations

Many door-to-door salespeople are legitimate, but others are looking only to make a sale and move on as quickly as possible.

Ortho-Novum recalls birth control pills over incorrect dispenser instructions

The company is issuing a voluntary recall on three lots of birth control pills.

Residents sick of trash, bad smells in Tigerland

Some people living in Tigerland have had enough of the constant trash and odors in their neighborhood.

Nutrisca recalls dog food due to elevated levels of vitamin D

Some bags of chicken and chickpea dry dog food have toxic levels of vitamin D.

Harley-Davidson recalling about 178K bikes to fix clutch problem

There are 26 models from the 2017 and 2018 model years that are covered by this recall.

Study shows online shopping fraud spikes nearly 300%

If you shop online or use your phone to look up items on Amazon, there’s a good chance you have seen ads for similar items appear on your Facebook or Instagram feeds.

Authorities say social media, digital news have become vital tools for solving crimes

The family of Coty Metrejean, 36, are still trying to find peace after he was struck by a car while riding his motorcycle on Highway 447.

Police warn parents of colorful meth pills that look like candy

The post read “Public Awareness: Methamphetamine Pills” and had two images of several blue pills that looks like SweeTarts.

Staying aware of the list of sex offenders that live in Louisiana

The Louisiana State Police offers an online sex offender database that allows community members to track the reported physical whereabouts or location of convicted sex offenders, sexually violent predators, and child predators that live or work within their zip code.

How trackable are your apps?

Your social media presence and favorite apps could be leaving a trail for the wrong people to track you down.

La. attorney general, 34 others call on FCC to stop robocalls

Louisiana Attorney General Jeff Landry and 34 other attorneys general are calling on the Federal Communications Commission (FCC) to create new rules allowing telephone service providers to block robocalls before they reach consumers.

Ford issues recall for some Focus 2012-18 vehicles

The fuel system problem can cause engines to stall and the plastic gas tank to warp. Customers should maintain at least a half tank of fuel until the recall is completed.

Careful where you swipe: Risky places to use your debit card

Be very cautious when you use your debit card at these places.

Exploding toilets prompt recall of 1.4 million flushing systems

The pressure can lift the tank lid and shatter the tank, posing impact and laceration hazards to consumers and property damage, officials said. Twenty-three have been hurt so far, officials said.