YOUR TURN: Louisianans helping Florence victims

We are so proud of our fellow Louisianans- stepping up to help our neighbors along the east coast as they deal with something we are all too familiar with... It turns out you are proud of them too.

  OUR TURN: Chasing a Fix

We hope you got a chance to catch our WAFB original documentary Chasing A Fix.

YOUR TURN: Geaux Tigers!

LSU head coach Ed Orgeron met with sports journalists Monday afternoon for his weekly “Lunch with Coach O” news conference where he previewed LSU’s SEC-opener against the Auburn Tigers.

OUR TURN: 9/11

On this day, we’d like to take time to honor Micheal Scott Lemana. He was a bright and accomplished Navy lieutenant who worked at the Pentagon on 9/11.

YOUR TURN: Jay Grymes

Our First Alert Weather team works very hard to earn your trust and make sure you feel that being with us is one of the safest places to be during a storm. Gov. John Bel Edwards took notice and on behalf of the state of Louisiana recognized our chief meteorologist, Jay Grymes.

OUR TURN: Labor Day

We hope all of you enjoy your upcoming Labor Day weekend. Have a safe and happy Labor Day.

OUR TURN: Domestic Violence

It's sad and scary to think of the hold domestic violence can have on someone. If you are in an abusive relationship, there are a number of resources available to you.

YOUR TURN: Job, Resource Fair

The Capital Area Reentry Coalition (CAPARC) is hosting a job and resource fair Saturday, August 18 from 9 a.m. to 2 p.m. to connect previously incarcerated people with employment opportunities.

OUR TURN: Remembering Historic 2016 Flood

We'll never forget what happened two years ago, but let's make sure we take the time to learn from it and get better prepared for the next flood.

YOUR TURN: Congratulations, Dr. Steve Caparotta

We'd like to take a second and brag on one of our own. We are so proud of our meteorologist Steve Caparotta.

OUR TURN: Jordan Taylor

It's easy to find faults with the younger generations or in our society in general, but in reality, there are a lot more Jordan Taylors out there - young people doing the right thing when it counts.

  OUR TURN: Men's Health Conference

Studies have shown that nearly 60 percent of men will not go see a doctor. So guys, we've made it easy for you. WAFB has partnered with the Louisiana Men's Health Organization to bring you the 2018 Men's Health Conference.

OUR TURN: Uniforms for Kids

For over 20 years, we have partnered with the society of St. Vincent de Paul to collect school uniforms for thousands of children in our 12-parish area.

YOUR TURN: Tribute to Slain Officers

Cheryl Wilks was one of many who commented on a Facebook post by Lauren Westbrook in remembrance of those brave souls we lost in the 2016 ambush on law enforcement.

OUR TURN: 9News Alert Team Facebook Group

At WAFB, one of our top priorities is to deliver information you need to help keep your family safe - things like the latest product recalls, health alerts, safety tips and warnings.

YOUR TURN: University House

"Why were these defects not discovered during the inspection process?" Dale Morris asked about problems at University House. "Something just doesn't add up."

OUR TURN: Comite River Diversion Project

It's been a rough two years in our area since the August 2016 floods, but last week finally brought some good news when it comes to flood protection.

YOUR TURN: Independence Day

As we celebrated the Fourth of July this week and all the festivities, our own Greg Meriwether shared these words from the Declaration of Independence.

OUR TURN: Buddy Amoroso

It would be hard to find a person who didn't think Councilman Buddy Amoroso was anything but dedicated to the people he served. And that's how it should be.

YOUR TURN: Get Fit Red Stick

This week's YOUR TURN goes to Katherine Weber Tyson. Katherine, like so many of you, has joined our Get Fit Red Stick Facebook group and is getting healthy!

OUR TURN: 'It's about time'

There are a number of sayings that come to mind to describe the recent legislative attempts to fix Louisiana's money problems. We prefer: "It's about time." Plain and simple.

  YOUR TURN: Jade Duvaull

Many of you joined us in applauding a 9-year-old student at Central Intermediate School. For the fifth year in a row, Jade Devaull used her own non-profit to provide blankets for patients at Our Lady of the Lake Hospital.

OUR TURN: Thank you for sharing comments and memories about Donna Britt

Donna Britt ... what an awesome genuine and lovely person. That's what we think and, according to the messages and comments, so do you.

YOUR TURN: Unbelievable Outpouring of Support for Donna Britt

We were thoroughly thrilled at the unbelievable support you showed our beloved Donna on her retirement from a very distinguished career. Thousands and thousands of you posted notes of encouragement to Donna.

OUR TURN: Thank you, Donna Britt

Thank you, Donna Britt, for 34 years of smiles. Join us Wednesday at 6 p.m. as we celebrate her great career.

YOUR TURN: Stephen Landry

Our own Liz Koh brought us a story about Stephen Landry and his journey. So many of you commented and encouraged Stephen.

OUR TURN: Seat Belts

Because of a rash of recent deadly car crashes in the area, our message to you is, "Buckle up, it might save your life."

YOUR TURN: Central Middle Students

Amy Rossi was thrilled to read our Facebook post about a group of special needs students from Central Middle School.

Your Turn: Children Killed While Fishing

This week's “Your Turn” segment goes to Jeremy Montelius. Montelius is one of hundreds of people on our Facebook page who commented about the tragic accident that killed two young children in Ascension Parish last summer.

Our Turn: Business Incentives

No other state in the union has given out more money in business incentives in recent years than Louisiana.

Your Turn: Higher Ed Budget Cuts

This week's "Your Turn" segment goes to Bo Bienvenu. Bienvenu replied by email to our commentary this week on how Louisiana state budget cuts are affecting higher education.

Our Turn: Jindal Education Budget

Tuesday, February 17, 2015Louisiana Governor Bobby Jindal attracted the attention of the national media last week when he told reporters that Louisiana's higher education budget is now slightly higher than it was when he took office seven years ago. For some reporters, his claim did not ring true. The Washington Post in fact, declared his statement to be misleading, and then granted him their three Pinocchio award for significant factual errors and/or obvious contradictions. At the same time,...

Your Turn: Tapping Into Cell Phone

Friday, February 13, 2015This week's “Your Turn” segment goes to Caleb Walls. Walls went to the WAFB Facebook page to post his reaction to Cheryl Mercedes' Investigators report on local police acquiring technology to tap into our cell phones. Walls is one of many people who don't like that. In his words: What ever happened to the judicial system and warrants? It's not constitutional to allow such an intrusion on privacy to occur. We've gotten so used to the federal government spying on us tha...

Viewpoint: Baton Rouge Music Weekend

If you're looking for a great way to kickoff your weekend and hear some home-grown music, you may want to head downtown.

Quick actions from deputies save trooper's life

A Louisiana trooper is expected to fully recover after getting shot during a traffic stop. The suspect was shot by two sheriff's deputies.

Man caught by police dog after smashing car windows

A 25-year-old man was arrested early Sunday morning for breaking all the windows in a car.