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Woman dies in weather related crash in Texarkana, Texas

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BOWIE COUNTY, TX (KSLA)- An early morning crash on US 59 south of Texarkana at the Sulpher River Bridge leaves one person dead.

Janette Lawson, of Atlanta, Texas was transported to Wadley Regional Hospital where she was later pronounced dead.

According to Texas DPS, the two car collision happened as both drivers were traveling north on US 59,  Lawson was driving across the Sulpher River Bridge when her car hit a patch of ice, slid out of control, spun around and ended up broad side on US 59.

The driver of the truck, Bryan Fisher, also of Atlanta, Texas slipped on the same patch of ice, slid and slammed into the driver side door of Lawson's vehicle. Fisher did not have any injuries.

BOWIE COUNTY, TX (KSLA) - Highway 59 South at the Sulphur River Bridge has reopened after a major accident Wednesday morning.

Authorities say two vehicles were involved and one woman was taken to the hospital with serious injuries.

Throughout the morning, rain from overnight started freezing on bridges and overpasses in SW Arkansas and NE Texas, with numerous reports of bridge icing along Interstate 30 and Highway 59. Sand trucks were seen along the interstate in the Texarkana area.

From 6:00 AM
ACROSS THE ARK-LA-TEX (KSLA) - Highway workers and law enforcement agencies throughout the Ark-La-Tex prepared for a major icing event to hit the area Monday night and Tuesday morning.

But as the day began, there were no major power outages or other problems reported. Commuters in the northern parts of the area were cautioned to watch out for icing on roads and bridges that started to freeze during the early morning.

About 5:30 am, authorities in SW Arkansas and NE Texas said bridges and overpasses along I-30 and Highway 59 started to ice up. Crews in sand trucks were seen up and down parts of the interstate, and the Arkansas State Police said they were getting reports of numerous accidents as drivers began their Wednesday morning commute.

John Tally with the Arkansas State Police warned drivers to be cautious on the roads and not panic if they hit a patch of ice. "If you do hit ice, if your car starts to spin, the absolute worst thing you can do is slam on your brakes. The best thing to do is let off the gas, turn toward the skid and hopefully your vehicle will straighten out," he said.

In Shreveport, a light steady mixture of rain and sleet fell but had not posed any problems on the city's streets or highways. Police did say highway crews sat just off of Interstate 20 ready to close the highway down if needed.

As of 6 AM, no schools in the Ark-La-Tex were closed. In Texas, several districts delayed the start of school until 10 AM. Those schools were: Avinger, Linden-Kildare, Avery, Jefferson and Simms ISDs.

Panola College also decided to close all their campuses until noon on Wednesday. The University of Hope Community College stayed closed on Wednesday.

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