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Meet Governor Jindal's Chief of Staff: Timmy Teeple

Timmy Teeple Timmy Teeple

One of the relatively young members of Governor Jindal's staff is Timmy Teeple, his chief of staff. Jindal is a Rhodes Scholar, but not young Teeple. They say he's more of a "road" scholar. He did not go to graduate school, or even college, for that matter.

Bobby Jindal's chief of staff was an obvious pick by the time Jindal won the governor's race. Timmy Teeple first served as Jindal's chief of staff in Congress, then led Jindal's successful push for governor. "I sure feel (laughs). Maybe it's six kids, maybe it's the fact that I'm aging a year every month in this job," Teeple says. At 32 years old, he attracts much of the same eager energy as 36-year-old Jindal. "It's exciting to see the anticipation that people have." They both also have that same starry-eyed vision of change. "I love bobby and I believe in everything he stands for."

Teeple was born and raised in Baton Rouge. He was home-schooled for his last two years of high school, and that was his highest level of education. No college, just real world experience. "I moved up to D.C. when I was 18, and was working up there and met my wife, Sarah." Teeple first worked for the home school legal defense fund. Then, he moved on to help lobby for other organizations, before moving once again, this time, into the world of political campaigning. That's how he connected with budding politician, Bobby Jindal. "Bobby called me and said, ‘Hey, I want you to come back and manage my campaign.' I told him I'd love to, but my wife's going to have to meet you first."

Teeple and his wife, Sarah, have six children together. They function like a well-oiled team. So, they met with Jindal and his wife, Supriya, first. "My wife loved them." That meeting was enough to seal the deal. "Of course, when you're from Baton Rouge and have a chance to come back to Louisiana, I didn't tell her that, ‘Hey, we're going back and we're staying (laughing)!" The fringe benefit to coming home is that Teeple's six children have extra babysitters, their grandparents, who live right down the road. They get to spoil the twin boys: Thomas and William, both seven. "Then Georgia is 5. Montana is 3, then my newborn, Tennessee." The oldest girl is named Virginia. All the girls in the family are named after states. Except, there is no baby named Louisiana, yet. "No, I'm done (laughs)!"

Reporter:  Caroline Moses, WAFB 9NEWS


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