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Council Members Reject "One Baton Rouge" Resolution

Metro Council members were one vote short of passing the so-called "One Baton Rouge" resolution. It would say that our city recognizes all people, races and lifestyles. Mayor Kip Holden is trying to figure out why it bombed. One Baton Rouge, the group, says accepting homosexuals may have been the sticking point. WAFB's Tyana Williams reports.

Some people say Baton Rouge already has a sense of "togetherness." However, at Wednesday night's council vote on the "One Baton Rouge" resolution, Joe Traigle says you wouldn't think so. Traigle supports the resolution. He says, "And I think clearly an example when people of city are much further along than their public officials." The resolution failed to pass by only one vote.

Mayor Kip Holden says, "Do unto others as you have them do unto you. Respect one another. You may not like everything a person does, but respect one another." Even Mayor Kip Holden, who signed off on "One Baton Rouge," has a problem with the way things went. He says people, in particular preachers, made the resolution calling for recognition of all people, only about homosexuality.

Holden received a letter from the pastor of the chapel. In it, Pastor Dennis Eenigenburg tells the mayor, "Perhaps you accept the junk science used to prove sexual orientation, that is for you to decide. However, for the city council or mayor to make a blanket declaration that we want to be a sanctuary city for homosexuals is another thing." Mayor Holden says, "That guy is not speaking as Godly person. Speaking as someone who has hatred in his heart."

There was even talk that if we become a city that accepting that Baton Rouge will become a haven for pedophiles. Traigle doesn't think his dream has been washed out. He's just going to go back to "square one" and come back stronger. Two council members did not vote: Lorri Burgess and Wayne Carter. They say they had to leave before the issue came up. Burgess did tell us if she had cast a vote, it would have been a ‘yes' to "One Baton Rouge."

Reporter:  Tyana Williams, WAFB 9NEWS


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