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Secretary of State's Son Appears in CNN Story on the Presidential Debate

John Dardenne John Dardenne

Politics may not run in the family, but Secretary of State Jay Dardenne's son is getting quite a bit of attention when it comes to Monday evening's presidential debate. In fact, John Dardenne has already been featured in a story broadcast on CNN. As WAFB's Anna Adair reports, the younger Dardenne is among a group of the "most outrageous."

Presidential candidates like to be prepared, but who could prepare for the questions all sorts of people submitted on YouTube? This new forum is going to replace the traditional panel and dominate the debate. Don't worry, though, each question will be screened prior to airing, so no need to feel concerned about unusual antics.

With such a stir, imagine the surprise for Secretary of State Jay Dardenne when his son popped up in one of the more memorable clips. There was no debate from the secretary of state over his son's "unique" requests for the candidates. John Dardenne asks, "Can I be your intern? Joe Biden, same question." Secretary of State Dardenne says, "He's an aspiring comedian, so he's living in Hollywood and doing standup comedy. So, it didn't surprise me that he was going to come up with something off the wall. I hope he gets the job."

On a serious note, with such media buzz, Dardenne hopes this frenzy targets younger viewers to tune in and maybe even up the voter turn out. He says, "Instead of having a talking head journalist ask the questions, the people are getting to ask the questions they want." The debate began at 6:00pm on CNN. All 20 - 30 recipients were flown to South Carolina to ask the questions in person. Jay Dardenne's son did not make the cut.

Reporter:  Anna Adair, WAFB 9NEWS


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