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Will Blanco Re-Enter Race for Governor?

Several political pundits across the state have already called the race. One editorial writer went so far as to declare it as fact:  Bobby Jindal is the next governor of Louisiana. Not so fast, says current Governor Kathleen Blanco. This is, after all, Louisiana.

During a meeting with reporters at the Governor's Mansion Thursday afternoon, Blanco was asked if she was reconsidering her decision not to seek re-election. Blanco's answer was a combination of yes, no, and maybe so. "This is Louisiana and lots of exciting things can happen between now and the election," Blanco said. "But, I'm certainly enjoying my current status and expect it to be the same."  

Earlier in the day, State Senator Walter Boasso, a candidate for governor, switched from the Republican to the Democratic party. Boasso has complained that the state Republican Party threw all of its support behind fellow Republican Bobby Jindal. Boasso now joins Public Service Commissioner Foster Campbell as the second major Democrat in the race. Boasso says he's not concerned about whether Blanco runs or not. "It doesn't make a difference to me who gets in the race," Boasso said. "I know in my heart I'm doing the right thing."

The state Republican Party was quick to distance itself from Boasso and issued a statement saying:  "Some politicians switch parties because of philosophy and principle. Walter has made it clear that he is just the opposite. He's switching because he hasn't been successful as a Republican candidate."

Former U.S. Senator John Breaux, a powerful and popular Democrat, was widely expected to enter the race. However, Breaux announced earlier this month that he would not. His decision came after Louisiana's Attorney General failed to issue an opinion on whether Breaux was legally a "citizen" of Louisiana. The state constitution requires a candidate for governor to have been a citizen of Louisiana for the past five years. Breaux lists his primary residence in Maryland and is registered to vote there.

Asked if she believes a Democrat can win the race, Blanco once again reminded reporters what state they are in. "This is Louisiana and there are no written scripts before play day," she said.     

The governor also told reporters that she had a first this past weekend. She shot and killed a turkey during a hunting trip in Livingston Parish. This is, after all, Louisiana.

Reporter:   Robb Hays, WAFB.COM


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