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Army Reporting New Information into the Death of Local Soldier

Specialist Jonathan B. Chism Specialist Jonathan B. Chism

It appears the U.S. military has been trying to cover up the details of an incident in Iraq in which four soldiers were killed, including Jonathan Bryan Chism of Prairieville.

The Associated Press reports the four U.S. troops were actually abducted from a tightly-secured American compound by an insurgent commando team.

The insurgents were driving American vehicles, wearing American uniforms and carrying American weapons. In fact, one of the kidnappers is reported to have even had blonde hair.

It happened south of Baghdad in the Iraqi holy city of Karbala. There were 12 men in the commando unit and they carried all four Americans away alive in stolen GMC Suburbans. But the four, including Specialist Bryan Chism of Prairieville, were found shot to death 25 miles from their base.

Two of the Americans were handcuffed. Bryan Chism's sister, Julie, was also stationed in Iraq at the time. Why the military tried to cover up details is unclear. We asked their mom earlier this week if she knew what happened.

Elizabeth Chism says, "No. The army over here does not know. My daughter did some research over there. They've blacked it out. They're what happened and everything and give me will be in the official report. But, it's gonna be like, I'm not sure they know what's going on over there. But in my opinion, I think it's like having three chickens trying to fight 20 wolves. If you don't have enough people to cover your back, you get eaten."

Sister, Julie is now home from Iraq. Friday, the Chism family told us through a friend they've only now learned the new details and declined to talk about it.

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