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Marine enjoys one of the coolest names ever

Rad Heroman Rad Heroman

By Matt Williams - bio | email
Posted by Joshua Auzenne - email

BATON ROUGE, LA (WAFB) - A few years ago, profiles were posted online for people to follow and send well wishes to soldiers and Marines from the area who were about to go overseas. They all received a few hundred hits on the website, but Marine Corps Lt. Rad Heroman got tens of thousands. He may just have the coolest name ever.

Until recently, Heroman didn't think there was anything exceptionally special about his name. Then, he joined the Corps in 2003 and things changed quickly. After drill instructors learned his name, they always gave him special attention. However, special attention from a drill sergeant is never good. The name attention quickly went beyond the Marine Corps.

"On Facebook, I started getting random requests," Heroman said. "I was like, 'Man, no way I'm this popular. What's going on? I don't remember this guy, this girl."

As it turns out, his last name is pretty well known around Baton Rouge. It was people unfamiliar with it, from other parts of the country, who had it blowing up the internet. Could he be the owner of the manliest name ever?

"It usually ends up with me pulling out my license and people having to buy me a beer," he added.

Just how manly is this name? In the pantheon of manly names, Optimus Prime ranks ninth. Rad Heroman ranks third. You better be pretty tough if you're going to walk around with that handle, but it is pronounced exactly as it appears. It isn't He-ro-man. Instead, it is Hair'-o-mun.

The Marine Corps couldn't have asked for a better name, though, if it was going to be mispronounced by thousands and they just didn't want to let him go.

"They call me every day. It's like a break-up," Heroman added.

But as it turns out, it doesn't matter how you pronounce his last name because his first name is still Rad. He recently finished up his eight years in the reserves with the Marine Corps, but that doesn't mean the Hero-man is going away. He's studying to take the bar. So who knows, if you happen to need a lawyer someday, maybe you can hire the Hero-man.

By the way, Matt Williams has the 4,619th most manly name in the world (not really).

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