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BATON ROUGE, LA (WAFB) - Food is the staple of tailgating and many LSU fans say there's no such thing as an ordinary Tigers tailgate when it comes to playing Florida.

The preferred food for fans is alligator.

"That's alligator. Fried alligator on a stick," one fan said. "Alligator, Tebow on a stick."

However, gator could be found prepared many different ways.

"We are eating alligator sauce piquant today," said Jimmy Delandubille. "Tigers are going to eat alligator sauce piquant tonight."

Gator fans offered some rather interesting food choices, so as to not be undone by the LSU faithful.

"We were in New Orleans last night, in little Vietnam and we got some cat meat, so everthing is evened up," said one Florida fan. "We know when we come up here, this is what you get."

It's not widely accepted, but Tiger fans will tolerate their counterparts from Florida. In some cases, the two teams even find love. Donald is a Tiger fan, Toni is not.

"Proposition to her was, ‘How about attending the LSU-Florida game with me in Baton Rouge?' She's never been before," Donald said.

Toni admitted she's secretly a Tiger fan, but will always pull for one over the other.

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