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  • Steven E. Kelley, MD, Interventional Cardiology Care

    "Providing advanced healthcare is just one part of being a doctor. The other part is ensuring each of my patients receives the type of attentive care they deserve. I make it a point to answer all their questions and concerns. When a patient leaves my office, I want them to know exactly what's going on with their body. That's when I know I've done my job well, and it creates a win-win situation for both of us." Meet Dr. Steven E. Kelley. More >>
  • Leon F. Kraft, MD, Personalized Cardiology Care

    "Medicine isn't my life - people are. My lifelong commitment has been to help people live healthier lives using the most advanced techniques available. I don't just offer the latest treatment methods, I also offer the personal care and compassion my patients deserve. It's why I chose this profession." Meet Dr. Leon F. Kraft. More >>
  • Lance C. LaMotte, MD, FACC, FSCAI, Board-Certified Cardiology Care

    "Compassion and the ability to listen are important aspects of our practice. I spend the time necessary to understand my patients. I really want to understand their medical history so I can help determine the best treatment for them. I enjoy seeing my patients live healthier, more productive lives." Meet Dr. Lance C. LaMotte. More >>
  • Garland G. Green, MD, Interventional Cardiology Care

    "Many patients don't understand how the decisions that they make each day can adversely impact their health. So an important part of my job is to empower those patients and show them that they have a great ability to positively influence their health by making better lifestyle choices. Compassion is what governs my decisions as a cardiologist...  and my dedication as a fellow human being." Meet Dr. Garland G. Green. More >>
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