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  • Personal Safety Tips

    It's more important than ever to know what to do to keep yourself safe. Here are some basic, everyday tips.More >>
  • Home Safety Tips

    Keeping your home or apartment safe is important. By following these few tips, you can prevent crime in your home. More >>
  • Keeping Kids Safe

    Kids today need to know common-sense rules that can help keep them safe – and build the self-confidence they need to handle emergencies. Here are a few tips. More >>
  • Keeping Safe on Campus

    Common sense This is perhaps your best protection against crime. Follow these basic rules: More >>
  • Vacation Safety

    When going on vacation or out-of-town for any reason use these safty tips to keep you and your home safe. More >>
  • Sex Crimes

    Click here to understand what a sex crime is and how to prevent it. More >>
  • Avoiding Fraud and Scams

    Con artists are not always easy to spot. Use common sense and learn about old and new scams. More >>
  • Gun Safety

    Here are some gun safety rules worthy of consideration to keep you and children safe. More >>
  • Cyber Safety

    Here are some simple rule to follow to keep you and your family safe from cyber crime. More >>
  • General Tips on Crime Prevention

    You can make a thief's job significantly more difficult by obeying these guidelines: More >>
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