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Under The Hood Inspection

  • Under The Hood InspectionMore>>

  • Belts and Batteries

    A belt slipping around a pulley reduces the efficiency of the components it drives. A worn, defective, or incorrectly tensioned belt can lead to battery failure and engine overheating. Click here for more information on when to change your belts and how you know if your battery is bad.More >>
  • Air Filter

    The job of the air filter is to clean the enormous amount of air used by the engine. It must filter out foreign matter that might otherwise get into the engine and cause wear. Click here to see how you can inspect your car's air filter. More >>
  • Master Cylinder

    The hydraulic brake system is a closed hydraulic system. This means that the entire system must be full of fluid at all times. For more information on how to check your Master Cylinder's fluid level and how to make sure it is working properly click here. More >>
  • Engine Oil

    The oil that circulates through an engine plays an important part in engine life. Not only does it lubricate the fast moving parts of the engine to reduce friction and wear, but it must also cool, clean, protect, cushion and seal various parts within an engine. Click here to see what you can do to help your engine last longer and run more efficiently.More >>
  • Changing The Oil And Oil Filter

    When it is time to change your engine oil (consult your manual for oil change intervals). Click here for more information.More >>
  • Power Steering

    As the steering wheel in your car is turned, the power steering pump forces oil through a pressure line to a control valve.  The valve mechanically senses the need for steering in one direction or the other and directs the oil to the power cylinder to make steering easier.Click here to see how to check your fluid levels and make sure your pump is working properly More >>
  • Automatic Transmissions

    No matter how well an engine is tuned or how much power it has, no car can move unless that power is transmitted to the drive wheels. A great part of this job belongs to the transmission. Transmission drive gears are selected either manually or automatically. Power is transmitted from the engine through the drive train to the drive wheels. Click here to find how to properly care for your Transmission.More >>
  • Tires

    Tire service begins with a visual inspection of your tires for abnormal tread wear or other damage. Click to learn more on your cars tires and how you know when they need an alignment, more air pressure and the different types of tires.  More >>

  • Windsheild Wipers

    Streaks on your vehicle’s windshield indicate worn wiper blades.   For more information on how to inspect your wipers, clean the wiper system and how the windsheild washer system works click here.  More >>
  • Diagnosing Minor Problems

    Cooling System, Belts, Batteries, Engine Will Not Crank, Brake System, Automatic Transmission Problems for information on these and many other problems click here. More >>
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