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Mother Accused of Strangling Twin Sons

Samuel and Solomon Simms Samuel and Solomon Simms
Sherie Simms Sherie Simms

Twin six-year-old boys are dead, reportedly strangled by their own mother inside their Baton Rouge home. Police were called to 3146 Wyandotte, which is just east of Plank Road, just before 9:00 Friday morning. What police say happened in the downstairs apartment just boggles the mind. The two adorable little boys were identical twins with biblical names, Samuel and Solomon. The two six-year-olds were full of life.

Aaron Boone, Jr., a neighbor, says, "I mean, yesterday, when I came home, I saw them pushing each other on the dolly, playing like normal kids. Today, saw the crime scene, the yellow tape. It's unbelievable. I can't believe it." What's even harder to believe is who's accused of strangling the boys; their own mother, 30-year-old Sherie Simms.

Kenyetta Maiden says, "They tell her every day that they love her and I figured that she loved her kids, too. She didn't have no right to take her kids' life." Kenyetta Maiden lives in the apartment right above Simms and her sons. Maiden says in the early morning hours before police came here, the boys' mother, her best friend, called her. Maiden says Sherie seemed to be high on cocaine.

Maiden says, "She was really depressed. She wanted me to talk to her, which I never thought to go and check on her kids. I figured they were going to be asleep." At that point, Samuel and Solomon may have just been asleep in that bed, but now, they'll never wake up, and this friend feels betrayed. Maiden says, "I don't hate her. It's just, I'll never respect her again, ever."

Neighbors say when paramedics rushed the children to the hospital, one of the boys still had an extension cord wrapped around his neck. Deputy coroners pronounced both of the boys dead when they arrived at the hospital. As for Sherie Simms, she is fighting for her life. Baton Rouge police say she took a bunch of pills and is currently in intensive care. If she gets out of the hospital, police will book her with two counts of first-degree murder, which upon conviction, could carry the death penalty.

Reporter:  Avery Davidson, WAFB 9NEWS


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