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Inside the Art of Egg Knocking

So you've boiled and dyed your Easter eggs - now what? Folks in Avoyelles parish have an Easter tradition that puts their eggs to use - and sometimes wins them money. Egg knocking - or egg pocking as a lot of older folks say.

The bayou town of Cottonport is a quiet place, but as Easter draws near, there's an unmistakable sound in the air... T-Jim Moreau knows it well, eggs knocking together. T-Jim Moreau tests out the strength of the Easter eggs. Moreau said, "we check the eggs, you see... WAFB reporter Marie Centanni asks,  you check it on your tooth?  Moreau said, on my tooth, yes. And you can tell which egg is going to break."

Moreau's become a master at checking eggs for knocking - it's an old tradition in Avoyelles parish, knocking the pointy ends of two easter eggs until one of them gives way, or pocks. Families take it pretty seriously...  Egg knocker Jacob Gauthier who is also teaching his daughter how to egg knock said,  "we'll have like a little tournament, just like the NCAA tournament. We have a bracket and everything!"

In 1966, Moreau and his brother -in-law, the late Jack Roy really got things going, hosting pocking tournaments outside T-Jim's Grocery. Back then, the grand prize was a case of beer. Friday, the whole town turns out for what's grown into a festival - in Roy's honor. First prize is $100.

Locals are full of tips on how to pick the perfect prize-winning egg, and they take it pretty seriously. Egg selection for easter starts at Christmas. When you find a good egg, you put it aside - not always in a refrigerator. Needless to say, there's not a lot of egg salad served on Easter Sunday. With so much money on the line, amateur engineers have come up their own ways to strengthen eggs... Moreau said, "they feed the chickens oyster shells and sand and all kinds of formulas they make. Reporter Marie Centanni asks,  does that work? Moreau answers,  oh, yes, it does!"

Saturday's egg knocking festival is in downtown Cottonport, bring your eggs and register by 11am to knock it out at 2pm. Another town tip - use an enamel pot to boil your eggs, and face them point down. That way all the egg builds up behind the pointy end and makes it stronger.

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