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Only one candidate shows up for scheduled debate

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BATON ROUGE, LA (WAFB) - A political debate was scheduled to take place Thursday between Dan Claitor and Lee Domingue, candidates in the Louisiana Senate District 16 runoff, but only one of them showed up; the other says the debates are over.

The Jeffersonians is a conservative political organization based in Baton Rouge. The group hoped to have Claitor and Domingue duke it out on the issues at a forum, but Claitor had a scheduling issue and was unable to attend, much to the chagrin of his opponent.

"We were looking forward to getting both candidates in the room," said Domingue. "There's been a whole bunch of noise for the last few months, the mudslinging and so forth, and we think that the voters need to get both candidates in the room, squeeze them as hard as they can and see where they stand on the issues."

"I don't see any opportunity to do that in the last ten days," Claitor said. "We've gotten together with the district attorneys association. We met with the Pachyderms. We met with Baton Rouge round table and then there was a group of insurance people we met with, so we've been on four occasions, so it's not like we haven't met at all."

Domingue pledged to the Jeffersonians to pull all of his negative ads. Claitor spent part of his day replacing signs blown over during the rough weather. Election Day is Saturday, April 4th.

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