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Baton Rouge rapper found shot to death

Chris Jackson AKA "Nussie" Chris Jackson AKA "Nussie"

By Tyana Williams - bio | email

BATON ROUGE, LA (WAFB) - One man is injured and a local rapper is dead, after an Monday night shooting. Baton Rouge police officers say after taking the first victim to the hospital they found Chris "Nussie" Jackson dead inside a home on America Street.

Rear windshields covered with messages to rest in peace, car windows covered with pictures of a friend and a father.  "My brother - that's what they took." A sister holds on to friends for support . A father, stands by, as friends and family gather to remember his son -- 33-year-old Chris "Nussie" Jackson.

If the name sounds familiar -- it's because "Nussie" was co-owner of Club 225. In an interview in 2006 with WAFB Jackson told 9-News he served time in parish prison for accessory to attempted murder. Monday night - Jackson was gunned down at a house in Baton Rouge. Neighbors say the area is heavy with gunfire and drugs. Friends say even though that was the environment, "Nussie" had turned away from that life building a career as a rapper. "This was his way of expressing himself. This was his way to clear all the rumors up." Best friend Dana Winbush says he had intentions of trying to make his life and his neighborhood better -- buying and fixing up properties around his studio -- "dope celebrity". This was his creative outlet. "I have to look in his kids eyes...his goldchildren's eyes and see that void that's there." said Winbush. "And i'm going to miss him for everything - everything he's been doing for me. And I know somebody knows something." said Richardson. 

Police say they have no motive at this time but say if you can help with their investigation -- call Crime stoppers at 344-stop.

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