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U.S. military sees increase in recruits, possibly due to economic times

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By Cheryl Mercedes - bio | email

BATON ROUGE, LA (WAFB) - It seems the United States military may be benefiting from the recent economic downturn. The U.S. Army reports it is already seeing an increase in recruits across the country this year.

At a time when cuts, layoffs and hiring freezes are announced almost daily, there's still one employer reaching out with endless opportunities. "We have over 150 ways for young women and men to serve our nation as a soldier," said U.S. Army Commander Lt. Col. Robert Sanchez. He says these days, recruiters are talking with more and more people about joining the armed forces. And he says many of them are.

"For this region, in the first quarter we exceeded the mission for the quarter. Regular Army 10% and for reserves, 15 to 20 (percent)." That just includes Louisiana, Mississippi, parts of western Tennessee, and Kentucky. "Recruiting across the United States is much more dramatic."

Col. Sanchez says it's too early to know whether the increase is a result of the tough economic times or harder recruiting efforts. That data is still being collected. But, he says when recruits are asked why they want to join the military, the answer remains the same across the board. "The number one reason is service to our nation."

If you're interested in joining the Army, or have any questions about the opportunities it offers, you can visit the Baton Rouge recruiting station. It's located in the Target shopping strip on Siegen Lane.

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