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Judge grants sanity commission hearing for Clayton Murphy, Jr.

Clayton Murphy, Jr. Clayton Murphy, Jr.

By Jim Shannon - bio | email

BATON ROUGE, LA (WAFB) - The Baton Rouge man accused of killing his two young boys to get revenge on his wife will be examined by mental health experts.

Clayton Murphy, Jr. appeared in district court Thursday and showed little emotion. He allegedly stabbed two kids and called his wife to tell her about it.

Murphy will have a mental evaluation before his case goes any further. Prosecutors expect to seek the death penalty after Murphy was caught by police standing over the body of his own two-year-old son, Tayshaun. The other child, eight-year-old Juwan, was laying dead in the other room.

"This is horrendous, unspeakable, unforgivable," says prosecutor Aaron Brooks. "Something must have happened for someone whose never been in trouble, never done anything violent before, something had to snap to kill children that he loved," says defense attorney Margaret Lagatudda.

An East Baton Rouge sheriff's deputy fired one shot at Murphy, but missed him. After he was arrested, deputies say Murphy confessed to the killings. The mental evaluation will determine whether the prosecution seeks the death penalty or life in prison.

"The evidence I've reviewed so far support the possibility of first-degree murder indictment. That will be their call, but that is what we will present and we'll seek," Brooks says. However, Murphy must first be evaluated. "Does he understand the court proceedings, that's the first step. We have some information we believe there's gonna be some mental health issues. So, before I get to the mental health, I want to determine if he's competent," Lagatudda says. 

The mental health report is due back to Judge Johnson on December 5th. Murphy will be back in court on December 11th.

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