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April 8, 2008 - "Wild Louisiana Irises"

Ginger Rushing shoves off from Attakapas Landing in Napoleonville and guides her boat across the waters of Lake Verrett. She is on a quest--hunting down our official state wildflower. It's an easy quest. The swamps and bayous of southern Louisiana are full of wild irises right now.

Ginger says, "It's a really nice time of the year. You get to see a lot of color out in the swamp, and they last for such a short time, so you've really got to come and catch them while they're blooming."

Ginger runs Attakapas Adventures -- boat tours throughout Lake Verrett and adjoining waters. Here spring is always special. "It's a fresh feeling because everything has its new green leaves," she says. "Everything is budding out. The birds are singing. Everybody is nesting, and the swamp just as far back as you can see covered with purple irises."

These are irises the way God made them, untouched by the hand or science of man. Ginger says people "see them in stores and the garden variety, but to see something wild like this, it's a real treat a real treat to them. It's totally different."

Not that it really matters, I asked Ginger if she knows why the iris was chosen official Louisiana wildflower. She says, "Look how beautiful they are! Why not? And they're in our bald cypress tupelo swamp, and they're just magnificent."

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