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Commissioner of Agriculture Bob Odom Drops Bid for Re-Election

Commissioner of Agriculture Bob Odom has dropped out of the race for re-election. Commissioner Odom was heading into a runoff against Dr. Mike Strain, but now, he's going to retire. WAFB's Greg Meriwether reports on the ending of a long and colorful career for one well-known Louisiana politician.

Bob Odom will officially step down on January 14th, leaving behind a 28-year career. Some would say he turned his office into an empire, and depending on who you talk to, some would say that empire sometimes served the good of Louisiana.

The commissioner appeared in front of about a hundred of his employees. He did not speak off the cuff, but instead, read a prepared statement, telling everyone the old farmer was finished.

He said, "For 28 years, I have served the people of this state with pride and dignity. I have accomplished many things for agriculture and for Louisiana."

Bob Odom's handlers tried to stop reporters from asking any questions. Odom's campaign invited his opponent, Dr. Mike Strain, to join them and Commissioner Odom wished his successor well.

The more heartfelt words perhaps came from Bob Odom's daughter as she described her father. His daughter says it's not who her father led, but who he chose to follow. She said, "But most importantly, he served the one much greater."

So, what is left for a man whose name recognition alone rivals any current Louisiana politician? He's started a consulting company with a very clever name. He says, "It's going to be called Bob Odom Consulting Company."

Odom's daughter says her father didn't step down in fear, but that it was the right thing to do.

Reporter:  Greg Meriwether, WAFB 9NEWS


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