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Bill Proposed to Raise Tax on Pet Food

Louisiana already has the highest tax per ton on pet food in the country. But, pet owners may soon see the tax go up even more for dog and cat food. Representative Warren Triche says the extra charge is for a good cause, and could save cash and animals in the future. Triche wants to use the money for state animal control programs. He says, "Let them know it's going to be a penny a pound, not 20 cents a pound."

Triche says lobbyists distorted his intentions to make it seem like pet care would go from no-fluff to high-maintenance. He says, "Warren Triche always has to have a controversial bill at least once a year, and I'm hoping this will not be the controversial bill. But from what I've heard and seen yesterday and what I've seen today, it looks like probably will be."

Thomas Casey says, "The last thing we have wanted to do is tax food that consumers need to survive. This is another form of taxation of food, not for people, but for animals." Casey represents the Pet Food Institute, which sells 98% of the dog and cat food in the United States. He recognizes there are too many stray animals in the state, but says it's not fair to make responsible animal owners pay for the problem. Casey says, "I was concerned the fact that we have a tax bill, considering the size of the state surplus which exists today."

There are all kinds of bills trying to get tax cuts, so a bill sticking on an extra fee is not common this session. But Triche says he's willing to work with lobbyists to find a compromise because animal control cannot wait until next year for help.

Reporter:  Caroline Moses, WAFB 9NEWS


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