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Developer Unveils Plans for Denham Springs Project

It's the biggest development ever proposed for Livingston Parish: Juban Crossing will cover hundreds of acres and is planned to have everything from huge shopping areas to high dollar home sites.

In the days leading up to this announcement, those close to the project kept saying, "Think big, then make it bigger." If the companies which developed Town Centre and the Mall of Louisiana come through on their promises for Livingston Parish, then it'll be bigger than any other project in the state.

The vision for the project is a picturesque main street lined with shops, trees and people who can walk from public areas to their homes. Developers plan to break ground on Juban Crossing next summer and when it's complete, it will have an open air shopping district in the middle and hundreds of lots for homes to the west.

Parish President Mike Grimmer says this will be the new look of Livingston Parish: "And those guys that used to make fun of us are now moving no vacancy signs to get in here to us."

According to the developers, Juban Crossing will cover 471 acres of land. It'll have 1.2 million square feet of shopping area, another 385,000 square feet of medical-office space, 625 home sites, another 524 condos and apartments and a state of the art movie theater and amphitheater.

"We anticipate that the total project value will be in excess of $500 million, in the total built-out area of the project," explains Stephen Keller, a developer with Creekstone Companies.

Keller says Juban Crossing will be more than a mall and much different than the last shopping area his partners built.

"Mall of Louisiana was something with four or five department stores," according to Will Wilson with Jim Wilson & Associates. "This one is an open air. It's not going to be enclosed or be two levels. It'll be more, I think, a little more shopper friendly."

Making it a reality could also be a bit friendlier. Grimmer says unlike the Bass Pro project, there's nothing to stand in the way of Juban Crossing: "When Keller tells me, we were looking at introducing him to another group and he says, ‘I don't need the money.' That told me he can do the project and this guy can really put it together."

The developers say in the coming months, they'll announce what stores will be coming. Sources close to the project tell me Macy's will likely be one of them.

Juban crossing is scheduled to open in spring of 2008.

Reporter: Avery Davidson

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