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Police Jury: No FEMA Trailer Parks in Pointe Coupee

The Pointe Coupee Police Jury gave a big thumbs down Tuesday night to putting FEMA trailer parks in the parish.  That includes the controversial proposal for one in Jarreau.

Eight of the Jury's 12 members said 'no' to a plan to build as many as 28 potential FEMA trailer parks in the parish.  The crowd of people eager to hear the jury's decision was so big people were forced to stand outside the meeting room.  FEMA was eyeing a 150-acre plot of land outside the Island Woods subdivision to put 195 mobile homes for evacuees.  But neighbors like Kyle and Keith Andre said not in their backyards.

"I'm not against helping people in any kind of way," says Kyle, "but there's much better places to put people than here."

Real estate developer Craig Major offered FEMA up to 150 acres of his land for the trailer park outside the Andre's subdivision. FEMA proposed putting 195 trailers there, well short of the more than 500 crunched into the Baker trailer site. But unlike the travel trailers in Baker, larger, more permanent mobile homes would have gone up in Pointe Coupee.

Major says, "We have in Pointe Coupee Parish a tremendous number of refugees that are looking for their own place. This is what my wife and I feel we can do to help."

But the Andre brothers say the proposed park will lack the necessities those refugees need. "There's no access to jobs here," says Kyle. "There's no medical facilities here close. There's nothing for them actually. You're creating more victims."

His brother Keith agrees. "The police department can't hardly take care of what they got, and then you throw in a big trailer city? It's just not going to benefit anybody."

But Craig Major feels differently, and says he's not the only one. "There are a lot of people who want this, that know this is the right thing to do. It's the Christian thing to do, but they're just not saying anything."

Jury members say FEMA can still move evacuee families into established trailer parks in Pointe Coupee Parish.  74 evacuees are living on private property in the parish, and another 113 live in those already established trailer parks.

Reporter: Matt Clough

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